Major Excitement!

CInco de Mayo Launch & June Bridal Line!

Cinco de Mayo Launch!
  • Sprinkle of new products for May....
  • Ready on Cinco de Mayo to create MORE excitement beyond Mother's Day!
  • Small mini supplement tailored to the Hispanic Market!
(Mexico here we come this fall!)

Month of June will be the O2 bridal launch
  • Official Launch June 15th
  • Product preview 14th

During the month of April
"Show her what you got incentive!"
O2 is giving 10 hard working designers the chance to treat a special woman in their life a $500 gift card!

Top 5 JB closed in April with highest PV $500 Visa Gift Card
Top 5 designers with most Jewelry Bars held and closed in April will receive a
$500 visa gift card

  1. Get out your ALICE doc (it's posted on our Team FB Pages: O2InspiredOwls and in Team Believe.)
  2. Set your timer for 30 minutes:
  3. Go through and make 10 calls from your contacts and past order forms!
  4. Share the excitement of the NEW spring & Mother's day - Celebration of Women lines

One team of 10 booked 37 parties in 30 minutes!

Short & Sweet Pitch:

Hi Susan!

It's Tiffany Golden with Origami Owl - how are you?

I wanted to call you and tell you we have a DARLING NEW spring line featuring literally over 150 new items. They are really, really awesome - and are perfect for any girl or woman...especially with Easter, Mother's Day, Graduation - so many occasions around the corner it's the perfect time for a jewelry bar. Everyone is already in shopping mode for gifts and you would earn a TON of FREE jewelry for you to use as gifts and/or something extra special for yourself.

Your friends LOVED your JB last time OR IF SHE HASN'T HAD A JB: Since you get so many compliments on your own locket this would be truly a great time to host.

And as always you can keep it small and low key: 6-10 friends Dessert & Locket Bar or Martini & Locket Bar, Brunch Bar, or even a Sweatpants-Drive By party where your friends come over in sweats, have a glass of wine, and speed shop to get back home without the hassle of perfect hair & make up!


What would work best for you?

a Thursday 7-9? A friday or Sat eve? A Sunday late afternoon? 4-6?

I'll create an Evite or SMORE Blast and will bring a dessert nosh, you put out drinks and we're on: easy-breezy - no fuss-no big ta-do just a fun locket party.

I have a great dangle game to where I put on a chain you love and clip on 5 dangles: The first 5 friends of yours that want to host a party get a free dangle on the spot!

If all dangles are gone, you get the chain free to as a booking bonus.

It's a super cute fun game. When your friends see how into it everyone is, they will want to have a shin dig too and earn free O2 jewelry!.

It becomes a fun frenzy when people want that pave heart locket dangle for example!

Of course you you know I'm low key and there is never an awkward moment or pressure - we have a fun time.

NOTE: You can also tease a few products in particular she would love: the (Starbucks) coffee charm, wine bottle, bubble bath, soldier boot, twist locket, etc.

Tiffany Golden, Your Mama Owl

I'm here to help make your O2 dreams come true!