VET International update

Mt Hobson Middle School

Term 2 is well underway!!!

And we are off to a great start!!! Students are already engaged in their academic studies and are preparing to take place in our inter-school 40 hour famine, in conjunction with World Vision.

In addition, we are looking forward to welcoming a new female Japanese student into our Year 8 class - joining our currently enrolled three International students who are continuing to flourish and enjoy New Zealand life.

Mt Hobson Middle School's unique approach offers the perfect setting and environment for students arriving in New Zealand - the small class sizes and overall size of the school ensures that new students make friends quickly and are known to all, helping them to adjust and settle into our nurturing environment.

Three spaces remain open for International students in 2016, with both short and long term enrolment options available.

Terms 3 & 4 (July - December 2016)

We are looking forward to welcoming two groups of students to our sister schools in South and West Auckland during the last two terms of this year. The purpose of the trips is to introduce the students to New Zealand culture and provide some English exposure. 40 students from Hong Kong will visit South Auckland Middle School and spend one week working with students at the start of Term 3. They will be homestayed with families from the Villa Education Trust.

In addition, approximately 20 students from Japan will join students and families at Middle School West Auckland towards the end of the year.

At Mt Hobson Middle School we will welcome a further two long term students from Taiwan and China.

2016 and beyond

With one holiday course booking scheduled for 2017, along with 50% of the allocated spaces for International students confirmed, we are looking forward to a busy year working with our international students and their agents.

As a reminder, Mt Hobson Middle School provides both short term and long term enrolments for International students along with intensive holiday learning programmes and English exposure courses. Bespoke packages are available to suit the needs of students of all abilities and learning traits, at very competitive prices - please contact us to talk through your requests and I will aim to tailor make a package to suit.

As a boutique school in the centre of Auckland (with a maximum roll of just 60 pupils), Mt Hobson Middle School has a high academic focus and ensures ALL students receive individual care and attention from expert educators.

For further information, please contact me via e-mail or Skype, I would be delighted to hear from you.


Dr. Bruce H KNOX

International Manager

Mt Hobson Middle School

Mt Hobson Middle School and Villa NCEA Academy, situated in the centre of Auckland, New Zealand, is a boutique style school for boys and girls, with a high academic focus, offering small class sizes (maximum of 12 students per class), for students in Years 7-13 (age range approximately 10-18 years). Homestay provision is available and is organised and monitored by myself.