Darcy Harper

The Profile of A Leader

This Is Me

Words That Describe Me

I am creative, compassionate, and a responsible person.

Qualities That Make Me A Strong Leader

I show organization, fairness, and being respectful to my teachers, classmates, peers, family and my friends. These areas I believe are necessary to exhibit strong leadership qualities.

What I Hope To Gain While Serving A Leadership Role

I hope to become familiar and be able to work with teachers and students. I also would like to become more helpful and knowledgeable with the school and its surroundings.

Interesting Facts About Me

I am a native Iowan and am very artistic. I also love to volunteer. During the summer, I enjoy volunteering at my former preschool church at Vacation Bible School.

Leadership Quote

My Inspirational Leader

My brother, Dylan Harper, not only inspires me but others as well, to work hard and try new things. He may not think that he is a leader, but he surely shows the qualities and what it means to be a great leader.
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