February Private School Newsletter


What An Exciting Start To A New Year!

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Exciting Start To Our New Year!

Hello Private School Families,

As you can see from Ms. Dianes Video, we are missing all our friends at home on zoom this week and are so excited to see you back at school! She also is over the moon about everyone meeting Ms. Lori and the fun your children will have in their academic studies for the remainder of this school year!

I'm happy to see everyone received the email sharing the changes to our academic classroom starting this Monday. With two amazing new students, Elana and Saraphina from California, and a "new" teacher on board, we are excited about the growth ahead in our family unit at school. When school started back up after winter break, the kids had so much fun with Fun Friday and celebrating the new year together. They created party hats, got dressed up in glow-in-the-dark party accessories, and enjoyed singing and dancing. This back to school fun Friday was so much fun. In the academic classroom, they also enjoyed when we all returned in the new year sharing stories about our own family traditions and even came up with ones we would love to start. They talked about the meaning of resolutions and came up with their individual goals for 2022.

They have been diving deep into writing these past two weeks! Students are learning about the structure of a paragraph using the "hamburger" model. Ask your child about this! It has been a fun way to remember the outline of a paragraph. Getting creative with our writing has been a blast! The students have started writing in their journals each morning. Two of our favorite topics have been "If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you use it for?", and "If you could have any pet, "even a magical one" what would you choose?"

If you follow our Facebook page, you already have seen our classes obsessions with the new Encanto movie! We know ALL the words to EVERY song! This year has been off to a fantastic start! We are so excited for all that is to come in the next few weeks including our 100 days of school celebration and our Valentine's Day party!

Mr. Edgar's music class has been such a hit (like every month) but the way the kids are learning Music Theory with the fun games has truly created a love of learning the deeper thinking of musicality. Mr. Edgar is working on a new repertoire for the piano show this semester. One particular activity that he is so excited about, is teaching the students to write their own compositions. All the students will have an opportunity to write a small piano piece based on what we have learned in our piano/music class. Mr. Edgar will be sharing more details about it in March once all the compositions are completed.

Mr. Kevin has been so excited to get the kids into their own bibles, learn how to navigate the Bible, and find different characters, stories, words, and books! We are working on the SOAP method of Bible study and learning about some average people who do extraordinary things through the power of God! The students always love Mr. Kevin's creative and fun activities and hands-on projects to learn about their individual love of Faith.

Ms. Lyndsey has been having way too much fun in acting class. I'm sure if you follow our Facebook you have seen some very funny moments. The students are working on Monolgoes which is a conversation an actor has with himself or herself on stage. We have asked the question, "What are the actor's goals/objectives of this monologue?" This is important in acting because one needs to know the reason behind the words he or she is saying. In Ms. Lyndsey's dance class, she has started working with the students on tricks and cute poses for the May Spring Recital. Ms. Lyndsey and her students have been playing around with some choreography working with music from Encanto.

In Ms. Crystal's classroom, they have been working really hard in dance and she loves seeing all the incredible growth. They have been focusing a lot on alignment in class. She is working on proper turnout, articulation of the foot, and balance. At the start of the school year, the students would have a hard time getting through an entire ballet barre, and now they are thriving and staying at the barre for about half an hour. Ms. Crystal is bursting with how proud she is of each student.

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