The Battle of Shiloh

By: Amanda Underwood

Brief Description

The Battle of Shiloh began on April 6 and ended on April 7, 1862. The battle started as a surprise attack by the Confederates. The Confederates drove the Union soldier back toward the Tennessee River, hoping to surround them there. Although the Confederates got off to a quick start with success, they were not able to sustain this success, as many more Union troops arrived as backup. General Johnson, the confederate general got shot, being the highest ranked officer on either side to die in the Civil War. When General Johnston was killed, a different Confederate General, G. T. Beauregard took control of the operations. Once Beauregard took over, it seemed to be too late, as the Confederates became outnumbered 40,000 to under 20,000. This resulted in a Union victory and many casualties.
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The Battle of Shiloh was a very costly battle, with many casualties. Approximately 62,000 were wounded, dead, captured, or missing by the end of the battle. This battle was a deadly reminder to the North and the South that the war would be a long and costly war.