Is Same-Sex Schooling Right?

by James K, Austin K, and Gavin F

What is Same-Sex Schooling, and Why are We Talking About it?

Single-sex schooling is a form of education where only boys or only girls go to one school. There is no combination of the two genders in any class in these schools. Over the years, these types of schools have caused great conflict and a source of debate as many disagree about if this is the right thing to do. Supporters of same-sex schools have argued that by separating the two genders, teachers can focus on teaching a subject in a way that best fits that gender because they do learn differently. People against it argue that by separating them, it can cause unequal teaching and by combining the two genders, it allows for boys and girls to gain important social skills. This is a matter that needs to be debated over because this is a child's education. Choosing to go to a same-sex school or a coed school is a decision that could affect a child's life. Education is the key to success and having it is very important, but when they get those big jobs, or when they date or marry someone, or even when they are just talking with people in public situations, they need to have certain social skills.

Where Does this Effect?

Deciding whether to put you child or children in same-sex schooling is a decision that many parents across the U.S and the world face. Virginia is a prime example of somewhere where this is a situation. Throughout the state, there are a total of fifteen single-sex schools, eight of which are boys and seven that are girls. In Richmond there are a total of three single-sex schools. These schools are St. Christopher's, St. Catherine's, and St. Margaret's. Besides these, there a total of five public school counties in the Richmond area including Henrico, Chesterfield, Richmond City, Petersburg, and Hanover along with lots of private schools which are all coed.

International - South Korea

In South Korea, children are randomly placed into either coed or same-sex schooling while they are not allowed to get out of it. This rule came into place in 1974.

St. Christopher's School

St. Christopher's School is a private school for boys here in Richmond,Virginia that was founded in 1911. The school, when asked why parents should choose an all boys school, responded saying that their motto is that they think that the two genders learn differently from each other and that quote, "understand their cognitive, social, and social development." St. Christopher's school is a schools that wants to be a part of a boys growth to where they can successful when they grow older.

School's Site:

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St. Catherine's

St. Catherine's is a private school for girls only here in Richmond, Virginia that was founded in 1917. The goal of St. Catherine's is to provide a world-class education for girls from all areas of the world for quote, " a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service in a global community." In this past year, St. Catherine's class made 495 applications. Over 90 colleges had visited the school and out of every three applications, two were acceptances. Some of the colleges that students were accepted to included Alabama, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Penn, UVA, and William and Mary. In recent data results from SAT scores from the school, St. Catherine's girls did a total of 364 points better in the areas of math, reading, and writing. As you know, the only way to get into those good colleges is to graduate. Some of the requirements for graduation at St. Catherine's include needing 20 academic credits in upper school. You also need quote, " four English credits, four math credits, three science credits(two being from labs, three credits for foreign language, three credits for history, one credit for religion and philosophy, one credit for fine arts, one credit for electives, four units in physical education(one unit in fitness and three electives), two credits in health, and 25 hours a year making 100 at the end of service learning. We have provided a link to the school's website.

Link to School's Website:

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St. Margaret's

St. Margaret's is an all girls school located in in Tappahannock, Virginia and was founded in 1921. Like most schools and school systems, St. Margaret's has a motto that quote, "reflects their commitment to the growth of young women in every area of their lives; intellectual ability, physical well being, social responsibility, and spiritual maturity." The school provides a good curriculum that they believe will help prepare their students for their future life. Also, because they are a small school, it gives each student a chance to learn at their own rate in subjects they have to learn. There are both advanced and non-advanced classes that fit perfectly for any student. Due to their success, students have recently been accepted into schools such as Clemson University, College of William and Mary, Georgia Institute of Technology, Kansas State University, Michigan State University, Syracuse University, TCU, University of Michigan, University of Mississippi, University of Richmond, and UVA. To get into these amazing colleges, they do have to meet St. Margaret's complex graduation requirements that can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom. We have also added a link to the schools website also.

Link to Graduation Requirements:

Link to School's Website:

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List of Famous people from Virginia

There are plenty of people who have now become famous and have gone to schools in Virginia. Some of these people have gone to coed schools(both private and public) and others have gone to same-sex schools. These are just a few examples of the people who went through the different types of education.

Coed Schools - Pharell Williams, Gabby Douglas, Sandra Bullock, Russel Wilson, Justin Verlander, Percy Harvin, and Katie Couric among the many more.

Same-Sex Schooling - John McCain.

Results from a Coed School System

Henrico County Public Schools is one of the best school districts in all of Virginia. The country's thoughts on public schooling (coed schooling) was quote, "public education is essential to the survival of a democratic society. Henrico County Public Schools, an innovative leader in education excellence, will actively engage our students in diverse educational, social, and civic learning experiences that inspire and empower them to become contributing citizens." Also, one thing that we noticed when looking at the sites of the different types of schools, is that coed schooling tend to have more thoughts on the safety of their students. Safety as we know it, is very important to a good education environment. Some of the counties major test results have been given. Links to the results of the counties SOL, SAT, ACT, and overall report card have been given along with a link to graduation requirements.

SOL Link:

SAT Link:

ACT Link:

Report Card LInk:

Graduation Requirements Link:

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Our View and Our Solution

After discussing this subject, our group agreed that we don't think same-sex schools are the right thing to do with children. Sure, stats may say that they do better academically, but that just has to do with the teachers which can be good and bad at coed and same-sex schools, and how hard the student is willing to try their best. We believe that by putting children into those types of schools over coed schools, their social awareness and capability towards the opposite gender will be less because they are only being exposed to their own. To solve this, there are two possible solutions. First, we believe same-sex schools such as St. Catherine's and St. Christopher's should combine some classes whether it be when you do a science lab or when you go on a history field trip. By doing this, it will give the two genders time to work with each other and expose them to something different. Second, we believe that coed schools should require teachers to learn specific gender learning techniques so that they can understand the ways both genders work. This will allow teachers to help out the two genders because they do learn in a different way.
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