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Happy Holidays Congaree!

Though this month of school is short, it is one of the most packed with activities. Please check the Dojo messages for many of our themed days and events happening. Participation is totally optional. I want to again thank everyone that participated in the PTO school fundraiser. The students had a great time with the gaming and silly stringing me. Please know that money from PTO fundraisers are going back to our students and activities that they host bring life into our school. This month on December 9 through December 15, 2021, our students will take the 2nd District Benchmark for Reading and Math. The District Benchmark measures what students are expected to know at this point in the school year. It is not a graded test, but gives teachers information about how best to teach their students. Please talk with your child about the importance of doing their absolute best and continue to make every effort to have students get to school on time every day all day.

Finally, we ask that you enjoy this break and spend quality time with your loved ones. We ask that you take the time to have students read books, magazines, newspapers, comic books or whatever will provide positive information and entertainment for them. Share with them to do this for at least 20 minutes each day. Allow them to do puzzles and things that will keep their minds working. Be safe in your travels and we look forward to seeing you being BOLD in the new year.

Taking Flight in 2022,

Christopher K. Dickey

Absence Reporting

Parents/Guardians now have the option to submit parent notes, medical excuses, etc. electronically. Please use the following link to access this form: https://congaree.lex2.org/apps/form/form.LEX-COE.sOnhmOT.2jC.

Nurse News

The holidays are a time for fun and family, but they can also be hectic and even unhealthy. Check out the following tips to help your kids (and yourself!) make good choices for a safe and healthy holiday season.

1. Get Up and Get Active: Enjoy the holidays and take time-off, but children should have 1 hour or more of physical activity a day. Encouraged children to get outside and play or take a winter hike or bike ride. Remember helmets!

2. Healthy Eating Options: Be sure to drink lots of water and enjoy fruits and vegetables.

3. Keep Warm: Be sure to dress in multiple layers. Teach safety around fires and heating systems.

4. Fight Sickness: Avoid close contact with those that are sick. Stay home if you are sick. Wash hands often or use hand sanitizer. Cover nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. Avoid touching, eyes, nose and mouth. Talk to your child’s doctor about vaccines.

5. Get Enough Sleep: Sleepiness can cause headaches, behavior issues, and makes children at higher risk to avoid illness. Try to maintain a schedule during the holidays. Children 5-10 need 10-11 hours of sleep per night. Have children avoid electronic devices at bedtime.

6. Find ways to de-stress: Have down time, and enjoy being together as a family.

7. Healthy Holiday Travel: Give yourself plenty of time. Make sure to buckle-up! Pull over often for rest-stops on road trips to stretch your legs.

Adapted: https://blog.nemours.org/2018/11/6-tips-healthy-holiday-season/

School Improvement Council (SIC)

Our next SIC meeting will be on Thursday, December 16th. All parents are invited to attend at 5:00 in the school library. To view minutes from previous meetings, click the following link: https://congaree.lex2.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=2624699&type=d&pREC_ID=2268638.

Office Reminders

- School begins at 7:30! Students who arrive after the bell rings, must be signed in by an adult in the front office.

- No early dismissals after 1:40.

- All transportation changes must be made in writing.

Upcoming Dates:


10: Teacher In-Service Day / Student Holiday

13: Report Cards

17: Martin Luther King Jr Holiday / No School for Students & Staff

26: Early Dismissal @ 11am

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