Much ado

about all the nothings

Some more nothings to worry about.

Don John fled to the country of Messina, but was detained on the border by soldiers of Don Pedro. Don John is the bastard brother of Don Pedro, but was presumed to be an ally after the effects of a recent scuffle turned into them traveling together. Don John is responsible for the near death of the daughter of Leonato, Hero. Through cunning persuasion, and a bit of trickery, Don John made it look as if Hero was a tainted whore. After his two men, Borachio and Conrade, were captured and revealed his plans.

Hero, Daughter of Leonato, Pronounced Dead

Hero, the daughter of Leonato, was pronounced dead after a series of slanderous words aimed at her by her groom to be. As it turned out the groom, Claudio, had been fooled by Don John, the bastard brother of Don Pedro, with the use of Borachio and Margaret acting as a fake lover and Hero sleeping together. These facts were presented to us by Borachio and Conrade, after they were detained by guards of Don Pedro.


"The daughter of Leonato was a precious gem. None of us will ever forget you in our minds and our hearts. You shall live in our hearts always and ever."-Claudio