What is Baroque dance?

Baroque dance is a theatrical and social dance originated in European upper class. Baroque dance was a precursor of classical ballet

Baroque dance was developed during the Baroque period

Baroque dance is linked to Baroque music, theater and opera

Baroque Styles of Dance

Baroque dance included social (Ballroom) and theatrical (Ballet). Styles included :

  • Menute Passepied
  • Allemande
  • Bell Danse
  • Country Dances
  • French Nobel

These dance styles had very precise arm movements

Between mid 17th and early 18th century


In France

French nobility had a strong presence in creating Baroque Dance style that greatly influenced ballroom and theater (ballet) dance throughout Europe. King Louis XIV produced dance masters and activities that sparked the dance revolution.

How society was involved

Social event

Ballroom dances were considered a social event. The King had great influence in the style of dance performed at each event. The King established court balls. These balls showcased social hierarchy that established the dancing order of the event Social rankings were also pronounced at the events. The ballroom dance performances showcased one couple dancing at a time. Ballroom dances were held regularly and on special occasions such as each year before lent.
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