By, Lauren Kate


Luce Price is spending her senior year at Sword and Cross after a murder which everyone thinks she caused. She managed to only be sentenced to spend her last year at the reform school and she convinced them to let her stay off her antipsychotics. Sometimes Luce sees things. Dark shadow figures who have seemed to be stalking her ever since she can remember and at Sword and Cross they seem to only be getting worse. Some things aren't too bad there though, like the two guys Luce seems to be drawn to. Daniel and Cam. Daniel is dark and mysterious and for some reason Luce feels like she has met him before. Cam is sweet and caring, but Luce can't decide between the two. There's something different about those who attend Sword and Cross, but she can't quite put her finger on it

Luce Price

The main character of the story. She sees dark shadows and she doesn't know what they are or what they want from her. She attends Sword and Cross reformatory school.
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Daniel Grigori

Dark and mysterious Daniel tries to keep away from Luce, but he can't seem to. He's drawn to her just as much as she is to him. At Sword and cross for petty vandalism and jaywalking he doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the crazier students.
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Cameron 'Cam' Briel

Cam is super charming and good looking and this makes it hard for Luce to decide between him or Daniel. He seems to like Luce, but he also likes the idea of tormenting Daniel when he has Luce by his side.
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Rating (warning spoilers)

I give this book 8 out of 10 stars. I loved the love triangle and the twist of how Daniel was actually the "good" angel and Cam was a demon I didn't see it coming. However, I wish the ending battle between the fallen angels and demons would've had a victor. The book seemed to be building this huge battle up and there was no winner or loser it was a little disappointing. Also the ending of Luce having to leave Daniel and go somewhere far away kills the romance for me, but since theres other books to the series I know they'll be back together soon.