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Business Suits – Enhancing Your Style Quotient at the Workplace

If you work for one of those business establishments that decree wearing a business suit daily as a part of their dress code, there’s no need to let that get to you. While a large number of the business suits in your office might be navy blue in colour (an extremely popular and youthful colour), you can certainly use the dress code to your advantage. Business suits comprise of a jacket and a pair of trousers; they also comprise of a necktie and a business shirt. With the last two items mentioned, you can ensure that you not only liven things up at the workplace by appearing in a brilliant shirt and time combination that complements you, but also stand out from the crowd.

If your tailor made suits are dark coloured – which in most cases they would be, since darker suits are usually appropriate for formal wear - then your shirt and tie should bring a touch of colour to complement the outfit. Similarly, while most men would have white coloured pocket squares on their suits, opt for a daringly different look with a pocket square that complements the colours of your shirt and tie. Don’t just experiment with the colour, try different fabric too. While silk ties can be the norm for wearing all through the year, wear woollen ties during fall to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.

If everyone in your office wears pointed collared shirts, start wearing shirts with spread collars to spark a trend; if the reverse is true, wear shirts with pointed collars. Elegant timepieces like a watch made of gold or silver can enhance your style quotient further.

And lastly, if you are wearing a business suit, you want to be seen as a professional – leave the backpack at home and use a well-polished, sleek leather briefcase instead. This would be the final touch that separates the men from the boys.

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