Why Choose TPCA for High School?

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Preparing Your Child for College & Career: Internships

As parents, we've learned a thing or two about career preparation and what it takes to be successful in the work-a-day world. We know it takes more than textbook information. It takes drive, character, experience and passion. In short, it takes WISDOM. Scripture tells us in Psalms 139: "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

Our guidance department has built an exceptional program to help your child be wise in their choices as they prepare for life after Traders Point. One step in that process involves internships. (The photo below shows students practicing interview skills).

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Internships at Traders Point - What Do Students Experience?

Currently we offer two different options for students to gain practical exposure to careers that God may be calling them toward.

The first opportunity is during our J-Term each January after Christmas break for two weeks. Seniors take the College & Careers course in the fall semester, during which they complete their college research and submit several applications with the assistance of our Guidance and English departments. (Yes, here at school - you don't have to do it with them at home!) After their applications are submitted, class attention is directed toward researching career opportunities, selecting possible companies or organizations to host them as an intern, making the necessary business contacts and finalizing plans for their internship experience in January.

Second, we offer a wide breadth of options for students considering a career in education through our Cadet Teaching program. Since Traders Point serves children aged 18 months through high school, students looking toward teaching can choose any age group and be a Cadet Teacher right here on site. This gives them the opportunity to narrow the choices to that age group that fits them best, or to decide teaching is not for them at all, BEFORE you spend big bucks for a college major that isn't right for your student. Saving money, and time, is always a good thing.

How Do We Help Students Prepare to be Successful in Their Internship Contacts and Experience?

Our staff is very intentional to meet the needs of each student in class. Steps taken to prepare them may vary somewhat based on student needs and requests each year. In general, these steps are part of each class:

  • Students invite professionals in their fields of interest to visit class and share about their career experiences with our students. Students often ask questions about how best and who to contact to arrange an internship, gaining valuable tips on personal presentation and approach. This also helps to build their confidence before they contact their chosen businesses or organizations.
  • Students also practice writing their resume, learn about and practice interview skills and learn about professional presentation, demeanor and attitude. They discuss some "what if" scenarios to help prepare for different work place situations they might encounter during their internship.

Where Have Our Students Interned?

Our students can arrange to intern anywhere they like; they are not even limited to the Indy area. Here are just a few of the internships our students have experienced during J-Terms past and present:

  • Nursing at Riley Hospital observing procedures like a spinal tap, and chemo treatments
  • Sports Management interning with the Indianapolis Colts
  • Oakley Sunglasses in California (they traveled out West with our 11th grade Life Calling trip)
  • International Mission work (traveling to Nicaragua with our 9th/10th graders)
  • Athletic training with St Vincents, a private physician and school therapist
  • Veterinarian office
  • News anchor and various news production areas at a local station
  • Photography with an area professional
  • Surgery observations

Are there Plans to Expand Internship Opportunities?

YES! Our goal is to provide internship opportunities to all high school grades throughout the school year with appropriate timing and length of time based on grade level and student interests. We are currently reviewing Traders Point parent occupations and employers to determine those that could be great fits for our program, and we will be contacting those parents for assistance in the coming months. Imagine your student spending an early release Friday, school holiday or a few summer days learning about multiple career callings to help determine God's plan for their life. What an amazing opportunity for them! We are working hard to make this a reality for our students in the not so distant future.
Before you know it, your 6th-8th grader will be in high school. We know you want a school that will not just fill them with information, but help them be wise. We want to make sure you know as much about our high school program as we do.

Each week we send you this enews sharing one tidbit about our classes, student and graduate accomplishments, facility updates, faculty bios - anything we think will help you to know WHY you would choose Traders for your child's high school. We already know and love your child and have built a program that is intentional about their academic and spiritual growth. What better place for them to become wise and fully prepared to fulfill God's plan for their life!