Career Plan Explained

Do you know what it takes to earn a Promotion?

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The Career Plan Chart can be found in the Back Office under Tools > Document Library > Business Materials (click on View More at bottom). There is also a Career Plan Definitions Sheet with descriptions and some examples.
  • Everyone starts at the Designer Level.
  • Every level receives the same personal discount of 30-50%.
  • The qualifications listed on the Career Plan must be met on a monthly basis in order to receive the override commission from your team for that month. NOTE: Once you achieve a title, your title will stay at that title, however as you will see in the back office there is also a "Paid As" title listed. The "Paid As" title is the rank that you have achieved so far that month.

{Career Coach Report}

You can access the Career Coach in your back office under Business Tools. It shows which of the requirements you have met and which still need to be met for each title.

{Maximizing Your Earning Potential}

Click here to watch a video presented by Origami Owl's first Executive Director, Heidi Russell. It explains how to maximize your earning potential.
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The above slide was shared at the July 2013 convention. It shows the MONTHLY average Override Bonus Incomes by level. These amounts would be just what is earned from having a team and are in addition to any sales commission you would earn holding your own Jewelry Bars. ***Please note that there can be a big variance on these numbers as it really depends on the structure of your team and which levels are earning most volume, etc but gives you an idea.

{Any Questions?}

If you still have questions, contact your mentor and/or upline.