The All Amazing Steel Plow

Invented by John Deere

What does it do?

The steel plow is perfect for any farmer in the 1800's! It breaks up the tough soil so farmers can use it for working! It's a great way to get the job done
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With the steel plow you will be the best farmer in town and it wont let you down. This steel plow unlike the wood plows are reliable and will get the job done in no time.

The steel plow will get the job down now!


The steel plow in the 1800's really helped farmers and probably people around who wanted to buy crops from those farmers. This tool helped the farmers break rough soil, which they had a lot of in the Mid- West. People were just settling in when he made his invention which helped many farmers around 1837 and so on.

John Deere made an invention that changed the way people lived in the Mid- West. This steel plow helped farmers make crops and break soil. If it wasn't for this invention, things would probably be hard as a farmer and it wouldn't be easy to live there. Life now is affected by this invention because now we have better versions of it and it all started with John Deere. The fact that we have many farms now and we can manage all of them is partly because of him.

I chose to use faulty cause and effects and compare and contrast persuasive techniques. This is because people want to be good at what they do so over exaggerating how good they will become if they purchase this product (faulty cause and effect) will enchant them with a sense of want. Also, saying they have something better then others (compare and contrast) always intrigues someone because they want to feel special and possibly feel as if they are better when they have that product.