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March 21, 2016

Elementary teachers with M-Step questions contact debbie.dimas@hazelparkschools.org

Secondary teachers with M-Step questions contact toby.gordon@hazelparkschools.org

This Week's M-Step Target

Fraser School District has compiled a list of question stems students are likely to encounter on M-STEP. These stems may be used within everyday lessons, as well as teacher-created assessments. Below is a link to the document. We are asking that teachers of all subjects read over and attempt to incorporate (and/or modify accordingly) all relevant question stems into their daily lessons and/or assessments.

Supports and Accommodations

All buildings should have compiled a list of students to be assigned supports and accommodations for this spring's M-STEP. A document was shared with building principals. Once this document is completed, please share it with Debbie Dimas and Toby Gordon, so they may ensure students are assigned the proper supports and accommodations in eDIRECT.

Headphones Necessary For ELA Assessment

As portions of the test will assess listening skills, headphones will be necessary to administer the ELA M-STEP. Please let Debbie Dimas or Toby Gordon know if there is an issue regarding the number of headphones available in your building/classroom.

Scratch Paper Policy

Scratch paper is a universal support for all M-STEP assessments. It is critical that all test administrators treat scratch paper as a secure item.

  • Scratch paper may be ruled or unruled, but it must be blank.
  • Grades 6-8 will be provided blank graph paper by MDE for the math assessment.
  • Students must write their names on the scratch paper.
  • During breaks, scratch paper must be collected by the test administrator and redistributed once testing resumes. If scratch paper does not have a name on it, it may not be returned to a student.
  • Scratch paper must be collected with the test tickets and returned to the building coordinator when the assessment is completed.
  • Scratch paper may not move from one test session to another.
M-STEP Parent Letter

This letter will be shared with parents in the next few days. It will be placed on the district's letterhead.

Hazel Park's M-STEP Schedule

This M-STEP schedule will be utilized by Hoover, United Oaks, Webb and Hazel Park Junior High.

Next Week's Learning Target

In addition to the Computer Adapted ELA and Math assessments, M-STEP will also be administering performance tasks. Students in grades 3-8 will complete a math performance task. Only students in grades 5 and 8 will complete an ELA performance task. Below you will find a link to MDE's website, which provides sample performance tasks. We encourage classroom teachers to explore these performance tasks with students.