Wild Horses? or maybe just Horses..

By: Breanna Chadwick and Olivia Henning

How do horses find their food?

- graze

- will travel large distances to find food

How horses establish their territory..

Several horse herds will share a single territory, and young males may break off the herd to challenge older males who will not be able to hold their herd against them. The young males will gain his old territory, and his mares. Males who are challenged, but beat the younger male keeps his territory and his mares.

How do horses defend themselves against predators?

to defend themselves.. horses will do the following: kick, bite, crow hop, anything to get the predator away. The buck is mainly used to get mountain lions and other large cats off their backs.

Horse have almost NO PREDATORS

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How it finds and selects a mate? Courtship.

- horses do not mate for life, they travel in a herd with one dominant male, he will breed the horses when they come in heat.

How do horses deal with the seasons? (Migration, Hibernation, Estivation)

Horses behavior does not change much with the seasons, other than shedding or hair growth. Many wild horses live where the seasons do not change dramatically. Mainly in the western United States.

How horses communicate?

Vocalization-1)Nickering 2)Squealing 3)Whinnying


1)Mutual grooming



Body Language- 1)Ear position 2)Neck/Head height 3)Foot stomping 4)Tail swishing

Discipline- 1)Biting 2)Kicking 3)Nudging

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Whether horses live in a group or alone...

- lives in a herd to help survive

- consist of one adult male, and a group of females

- one dominant male

- 3-35 animals

- hierarchical- they are arranged in order of rank

Below: One dominant male is challenged by a lesser male and they fight

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