Come to Minnesota!

Land of Promise

A Land of Opportunity

Many of you reading this may be from a different country, or have family from a different country. If you fit into the first category, then you have already seen the wonders of this country. If you have been here for a while, then you also may have heard of California, famed for its gold. But while Minnesota may not have gold, it has just about everything else. If there is paradise on earth, then Minnesota fits the bill perfectly. With rivers of opportunity and fields of promise, Minnesota is the perfect place to live.
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How do I Get There?

That may be something you are asking yourself right now, and don't fret. The answer is rivers. There is not one place in the territory where you can stand and not see a river. From New England you can take a railroad to Springfield, IL, and take a steamboat to St. Paul, the budding capital of the territory, and anywhere else in the territory. Not only can these rivers be traveled, they can be harnessed for industry. All you nead is a simple water wheel, and an infinite power source for a flour mill or saw mill is available to anyone. So you can come here easily, but what do you do when you get here?

Reap the Rewards

Out of all the virtues of Minnesota, the most promising on it is its fertile soil. There are boundless fields of extremely fertile soil, waiting to be plowed. Almost any crop can be grown here, for cash or for food. But even with fertile soil, nobody would want to live in the middle of nowhere, right?
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You're not Alone

If you are a very social person, then you might ask yourself, "Will I have anyone to talk to?" The answer is yes. If you choose to come here, then you will join the hundreds of thousands of people coming to this territory. With a government already organized, the territory is on the verge of statehood. You could gather your closest friends and family and form a township. You could become the mayor of your own city! Leadership not for you? You could start an organization, even one for women. Plenty of job opportunities available, especially teaching. But it is no use if you can't get your own piece of the action?

(Free) for All

As you know, in Europe, and even New England, land is monopolized by the rich and powerful. In Minnesota, this is not the case. There are millions of acres of land, for almost no cost. Anyone, young, old, man, woman, rich, poor, can become very successful. All that is needed is the drive and determination to start a new life, in Minnesota. Not convinced yet? Read on.
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Paradise on Earth

Most of all, Minnesota has natural beauty. It is as if all the good things about all places on earth were compiled in a single location. You cannot come here to visit without being prepared to stay. If you are reading this far already, than I am surprised. If I were you I'd be half way there already! What are you waiting for? Come to Minnesota!

What are you Waiting for?