Beyond Student Email

Using Gaggle as a Learning Management System

Your School is already subscribed to began as a great student email system that has many safeguards built in to avoid local management of misuse and unacceptable use of student email. But in recent years, has become much more than student email, it has incorporated many features of a learning management system (LMS) that many schools are going towards with the adoption of 1:1 and BOYD programs.

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Email & Instant Messaging

Students can communicate in a safe environment that is monitored by's human monitoring team. Emails that include profanity, inappropriate images, or obscene references are flagged through filters set up by Students are warned when discipline issues arise and the administrators of are also made aware of the situation.


Teachers can set up classes to provide students with a virtual classroom where assignments can be posted, turned in, stored, and even edited using Google Docs. Students and teachers can communicate on a class wall that is dedicated to the specific class and roster of students. Teachers can customize the content shared on the page which is great for communication in a safe environment between teachers and students.


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Cyber Safety Course Componets

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Google Apps for Education Integration

Google Apps for Education are integrated into Gaggle. Students are able to edit their documents, store them online in Google Drive, and then collaborate/share with others in real time.