The Golden Hour

By Maiya Williams

Made By:Thomas Shack

There are 225 pages.

Anywhere, anytime in the blink of an eye.


Rowan Popplewell along with his sister Nina are having to go spend their summer in Owatannauk, Maine with their 2 great aunts. They meet some people they befriend called Xanthe and Xavier. While they are there, Rowan and Nina are told about this supposed haunted hotel. When he asks his aunts about it they say some things that make him rather curious. Later the next day, they all go to the hotel. After searching for a entrance for a while, they find the broken down hotel to be transformed into a brand new place full of people from different parts of time. Once this happens they find the entrance and meet a man named Otto. He gives them a key to the alleviators, special machines that can take people to different places and times on Earth. They were a little worried about it though so they didn't go. The next morning however Nina ran away to France where most of the rest of the story takes place. There is a twist I cannot say however, so read it to find out.


The theme of The Golden Hour is self acceptance. This ties into my life because I've had to deal with stuff I couldn't do and be okay with it. I have also had to deal with that I'm not stronger than my younger sister. I have learned to accept that I am not as funny as I would like. Everyone has issues in there life that they have to accept about themselves. With self acceptance you can be happy regardless of your problems. __________________________________________________________________________________________
A alleviator takes them to the past.