Common Themes: Conflict

Gilgamesh and Job

Conflict in Gilgaesh

Conflict plays a huge role in Gilgamesh from beginning to end. In the beginning of Gilgamesh we see that he himself causes the confusion and conflict. In the beginning he states: " The place of Gilgamesh, who is perfect in strength, And so like a wild bull, he lords over the young men".He his very destructive and uses his strength to his advantage.

He says in the beginning: " I will raise a cry in Uruk: i am the mighty one !". He built the city of Uruk to protect his people, but at the same time condemned them. His strength allowed him to cause much conflict within the city . ( WATCH VIDEO BELOW :) ENJOY !)

Conflict in Gigamesh (cont'd)

He says to his dear friend Enkidu before he defeats Humbaba:"Now , my friend ,let us go on victory ! ". Humbaba caused a lot of conflict as well. He was strong and wasnt afraid to kill ! He was a mean beast that caused needed to be defeated to have peace within the city !
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Job's Conflict