Willow Parent Bulletin #8

October 23, 2020

Dear Families,

Next week is our next big supply pick up. If you are unable to come during your grade level's assigned hour, please contact the office.

12 PM-Kindergarten

1 PM- First Grade

2 PM- Second Grade

We look forward to seeing you, especially those of you coming in costume! We will be dressed up, too. If you don't celebrate, we have a special surprise for you, too.


This week's birthdays and the Pledge of Allegiance come to you from the Second Grade Team.


Travel information for the holidays

As we near the holiday season and the increased time that will be spent with friends and family, we want to remind you of an important safety measure related to containing the spread of COVID-19. Per the Cook County Department of Public Health, it is recommended that any person entering suburban Cook County after having spent 24 hours or more in a "high-incidence state" should quarantine for 14 days. As you make your travel plans, please keep this in mind as we work to contain the spread of the virus in our community. The list of high-incidence states is updated weekly but as of today currently includes neighboring states such as Indiana and Wisconsin.

You can read all about the CCDPH travel advisory here:


This week's Social Emotional Learning: relating thoughts, feelings and behaviors

“Emotion understanding” skills include the recognition that people can have different thoughts (beliefs and ideas) and feelings about the same situation. Understanding this variability in cognitive and emotional reactions allows children to begin to understand the perspectives of others, an important relationship skill. Also important is the understanding of how thoughts influence feelings and behaviors. By recognizing that thoughts can vary from person to person, we can realize that people will react and behave differently.

If you think about our current situations outside of school, you can see why it's so importnat that we start working on these skills with our Wildcats!

Getting ready for gym class

Hello Wildcat families!

During the 2nd trimester, the students will be participating in our Hand-Eye Coordination and Rhythms and Dance units in P.E. class. Certain lessons will also involve a review of our Locomotor Skills and Small Ball Skills units. We will continue to provide fitness activities as well. Mrs. Mastela and Mr. Wit provided a list of items that may be around your home that your child can use for our lessons. We understand that you may not have some of these items so we will provide modifications to our lessons to try and meet the needs of all students. Our main goals are for everyone to have fun and be active during P.E. class!

-Two paper or foam plates

-Napkin, paper towel, hand towel or another type of towel, scarf, pillowcase, bandana, shirt,

plastic grocery bag or plastic garbage bag

-Two of any of the following:

paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, markers, popsicle sticks or any two objects to safely

tap together

-A large book or notebook, clipboard, folder, binder, white board (or any object that is flat

and wide)

-One balloon or a light, bouncy ball

-Small and medium-sized stuffed animal

- One small ball (3”-5")

Examples: yarn ball, foam ball, playland ball, tennis ball, whiffle ball, squishy ball, etc.

(A rolled-up sock will also do)

- Other objects:

basket, bucket, tissue box, shoe box, any other type of box, empty water bottle,

empty 2-liter bottle, empty juice carton or plastic container, plastic cup, empty tennis can,

or empty milk gallon

Homewood Science Center's family fun

Homewood Flossmoor High School Children's Play

Didn't get a chance to check out this year's HFHS Children's play last weekend? You're in luck!

Mixed up Mashed up Fairytale was recorded and will be available to stream from Tuesday October 13th through Tuesday October 27th via YouTube! Check out this fun, modern take on the classic fairy tales that you know and love! Mixed up Mashed up Fairytale is perfect for audiences of all ages! Below is the Link to view the Show! Thanks for your continued support of the Fine Arts!