Year Round Schools

School for 45 days then off 15 days

Pros of year round school

Increase overall grade.

lower class kids do not fall behind as easy.

They are able to learn in more "fun" hands on, ways.

Get 3 weeks off every 9 weeks.

Keeps kids out of trouble during school days.

Increase knowledge and test scores.

Keeps kids routine consistent.

Cons of year round school

Don't get a summer.

Can not have "summer" jobs.

More inconvenient times for vacation.

Harder to go do summer activities such as pool, park, zoo, amusement parks, exc.

Reduces kids freedlm.

2,773 more U.S. public schools in 2002-03 have gone to year round since 1986-87.

What is the point of summer break?

The whole reason "summer break" was started to help families fulfill their needs around the house and the farm. Kids would take care of the crops in the summer and study in school all year except the summer, or hast time. Now days though hardly any of the kids live on farms or help out in that way and they don't need the time off from school. That's why year round school is becoming more common... Yes kids get less laying around in the sun time, but they get a better education And more vacations throughout the year.