400 Meter Individual Medley

By: Yash Vaggar

Long Distance swimming

The 400 Meter Individual medley is a event in the summer Olympics. This Event falls under swimming. For this event there will be only one swimmer for the whole 400 meters. For the first 100 meters the swimmer will have to butterfly stroke followed by that the next 100 meters the swimmer will have to do the back stroke. Then the next hundred meters the swimmer will do the breast stroke and after that the last 100 meters will be done with the free style.


The purpose of this assignment is to see if the women go beyond men time in a 400 meter individual medley.

The Goal of this Assignment

The Goal of this Assignment was to find the intersecting point. Also to use the intersection point to find out what year the men and woman performance will be the same.


Scatter Plot

As you can see the Squares are they represent the times for the Men's Gold medalist time. Also the X's represent the Times for the Woman's gold Medalist.

Linear Regression(Line of Best fit)

The two Lines represent the trend lines for both men and woman gold medalist times.The red line represents the trend line for the men's times. The blue line represents the trend line for the woman's time.

Intersection point

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The intersection of the two trend lines means that Men and Woman Performance are the same. The trend lines are going down so that means that the time of the swimmers are decreases and the swimmers are getting faster. The year the men and Woman time will be the same would have been in the 1918 but the Olympics wouldn't have been in that year but it would have been in the year of 1920. The Men and Women would Share time of 299 seconds. But the woman's time will not surpass the men performance according to the trend line.

X Coordinate

X coordinate is the independent variable. And in this situation the year is the x coordinate. The Year that the Men when the women will have the same time is 1918 but the Olympics will be held in 1920.

Y Coordinate

The y coordinate is the dependent variable. In this situation the Y coordinates is the Time(sec) the time would be 299 seconds but the actual time would be 4 minutes and 59 seconds.

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