Offered at Bishop State Community College Spring 2016

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What is meteorology?

Meteorology is the science that examines the atmosphere of the earth and its phenomena.

Learn the basic techniques and principles of meteorology.

By measuring wind speed and direction, air pressure, temperature, humidity and precipitation meteorologists collect geographical locations into weather maps to predict the weather and possible severe and destructive systems such as hurricanes, floods and heatwaves.
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Where do I sign up?

Meteorology will be offered as physical science course PHS 230

When does class meet?

Classes will be held 0900 - 1100 Tuesdays and 0900 - 1130 Thursdays.

What will we do?

Classes and labs will provide a number of hands-on activities as well as field trips and guest lecturers.
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Does it count? Yes!

PHY 230 will count towards the eight (8) hours of lab science needed for graduation.

For additional information or questions please contact:

Dr. Kathy Roberts