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what is a medical examiner?

A medical examiner can range from so many specialty areas. No one medical examiners are actually the same. Medical examiners can range from pathologist, chemist, field examiner, or strictly lab examiners.

One is never the same as the other.

!Do you have what it takes to do the job!

The education, the training is more than it meets the eye.

-Bachelor's Degree in natural field science

- M.D. degree of medicine

- 3 to 4 years of residency

- Medical licensing

Specialty area certification - ( Pathology, chemistry, biology, physics.)

It can take up to an additional 8 to 13 years of schooling after your high school education!

Solve your crimes

Salary and payment

- Many factors play a role in a medical examiners salary;

place of employment

-crime rates


-amount of responsibility

( salary )

Indiana- $212, 200

Michigan - $170,260

Ohio - $ 190,030

Fort Wayne fbi

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