types of geners

by Tori Henderson


Fantasy- A fictional world made up by magic anything is possible. there's like talking animals,witches, and dragons!!!

Science fiction

Science Fiction- A fiction story based on science and technology for the future of the world!!!

Realistic fiction

Realistic fiction- amalgamative writing about stuff that happens in real life.It also helps kids understand the real meaning of himself and others.

Hisotrical fiction

historical fiction- A fiction book based on the pasted.


Romance -. It has a high level of love.the type of book it is it's a novel
most love stories are fiction.They have to do with knights,heros,quest,legends and fairytales.


Mystery-It’s based on investigation and crime. Mystery books are fiction books


Thriller-It is a fiction that excites you and scare you for entertainment.


Humor- A novel that is based to make you laugh.


Adventure- is based on outside.it moves in fast pace.and invloves lots of danger an taking risk.


Autobiography- Is a person life written by that same person.


biography-I really story about someone else's life written by a different person.


memori- Is an event or moment in the author's life.that has been published.It is a literary nonfiction.

Genres of Literature