Burlington County Special Services School District

January 2016

One of the goals for the new year is to find unique ways to emphasize the word of the month. The word of the month for January is "Positive Attitude". Students are asked before class what the meaning of the word is and the importance of having a positive attitude. Students then are participating in a cooperative group activity called 'Island Hopping" the objective of this game is:

  • To get the whole team and the smiley face ball from one island to the other island by using the equipment that is given to them and without falling in the water or using hands or feet to move through the water and by using team work, communication and positive attitude.

This activity is helping to guide students to work together to achieve a common goal. The solution to the problem is something the students need to work through, so students need to have positive communication and team work to be successful in the activity. This activity is also encouraging students to stay positive if something is not happening the exact way they would want it and to work through their problem for a new solution. It has been very awesome to see the students encouraging one another and learning from one other to achieve their goal!

Please check out the link to the aquatic Website! On here you will find newsletters, forms, updates and pictures. http://www.bcsssd.k12.nj.us/domain/306

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This student has gained the confidence to take individualized skills and sequence them into swimming to the side, climbing out and jumping in and getting back to the side. So proud to see his progress!