Robin Vs. Puck

By: Joionna Brown

Peoples Actions Can Influence Other People's Lives

Despite Robin was giving an order by Oberon to give the Athenian lover the magic flower to put them under the love spell, he exemplifies the statement "peoples actions can influence other peoples lives". Although Robin has made a mistake by putting the love potion in the wrong Athenians eyes, throughout the course of this scene we see that Robins actions influenced the Athenian lovers lives. In the beginning of Act 3 Robin uses the juice from the magic flower to put the lover under a love spell, "This is thy negligence. Still mistakest ," When the lovers are spotted in the forest Puck realizes he has made a mistake, but instead of acknowledging the fact that Oberon is furious Robins says, "Believe me, King of Shadows , I mistook. Did you tell me I should know the man By the Athenian garment he had on? And so far blameless proves my enterprise, That I have 'nointed an Athenian's eyes. And so far am I glad it so did sort, As this their jangling I esteem a spot (III.II.5)". Robin admits to Oberon the king of fairies that he has made a mistake, but he is glad that it happened because he find the commotion between the lover very entertaining. This has influenced their lives because this love triangle has not only flipped but has gotten worse. Without misunderstanding and confusions between Robin and Oberon the loves would have not been influenced by either fairy, This potion was simple to get Demetrius to love Helena, but instead turned into this extremely big mess. Furthermore even though Robin was completely mislead when dropping the magic potion in the Athenian lovers eyes this may have been very interesting and humors to the people of Shakespearian time, confusions and twists in any love triangles can cause entertainment of thoughts watching. Thus Robin was given an order by Oberon to interfere in the Athenian lovers lives, but interfered in the wrong ones inferring in the entire love triangle and achieved the goal of proving that "peoples actions can influence other peoples lives".

People Can control Their Own Fate

Regardless that Robin has made a mistake when giving the love potion he exemplifies that "People cant control their own fate". Besides the fact that he made a mistake Robin show throughout the scene that peoples fate is something that just happens. it not necessarily chosen. Toward the end Act III. scene ii Robin puts the love juice in the wrong lovers eyes "...Some true love turned, and not a false turned true". This mistake is flipped when Robin says. "Then fate o'errules that, one an holding troth, A million fail, confounding oath on oath (III.ii.3)". Robin argues that he did not make a mistake, but that this mistake was meant to happen, because the way of the world set this up for it to happen a certain way. And not even the most carefullest person can help but make a mistake when fate is involved. Furthermore although Robin was trying to make up an excuse for his silly mistake he make a clear point when explaining that fate is uncontrollable, and it is simple the way of the world and there is nothing people can really do. We learn that despite Robins charter he does understand fate and when it happens it is meant to just happen

Choas and confusion are necessary parts of life & There is Magic In The World

Because Puck is a good luck fairy and is also sneaky and plays tricks on others he exemplifies that "There is magic in the world and Chaos and Confusion are necessary parts of life . Although Puck uses magic to change into various objects and animals to play tricks on people he is also good luck, and can do things that other fairies and people cant. "...Those that "Hobgoblin" call you, and "Sweet Puck", you do their work, and they shall have good luck". Puck does give off good luck, but in the mist of the good things he do, he also plays nasty tricks on people and this is proven when puck says. "Sometime for three-foot stool mistaketh me. Then slip i from her bum, down topples she, And "Taylor"! cries, a down falls into a cough, And then the whole quire hold their hips and laugh, And Waxen in their mirth, and neeze, and swear A merrier hour never wasted there (II.i.2)". Puck is telling how he changes into a object and plays tricks on people to embarrass them. Puck gets a kick out of messing with people it is what he does. Furthermore although Puck plays nasty tricks on others people we learn that him being luck is not the only thing about him, the fact that he does these horrible things to other is what makes him interesting.

How Do I Realate To Puck?

Puck finds humor in making an ass of people physically and literally. He is very open when it comes to telling the truth like when he says "And, as i am an honest Puck, if we had Unearned luck Now to 'scape the serpents tongue, We will make amends ere long Else the Puck a liar call". He is saying that he is honest and if they don't get yelled at for their performance they will make it up to the audience, but if they do not make it up to

them then he is a liar and does not stand by his word. I can relate to him because i am honest not in a harsh way but i do like to make the truth herd, and although I don't get a kick out of people being made a fool of, i do like when people are put in a situation that they are uncomfortable with because i feel it forces them to step out of there shell, and when in terms of being embarrassed I feel are funny but also a growth experience.