Going Green Job-

Author and sustainable living expert

Sustainable Living Expert

Living sustainable in a green way is easier than you think. Doing something as throwing paper in a recycling bin, is an act of living a sustainable life. There are people that take being green farther than others. Being a sustainable living expert means you live your life around being green. Most sustainable living experts go around the globe sharing there knowledge on how to be more green living. Most sustainable living experts live off of the land. They usual have: a source of life stock, a garden, and most have solar panels or some other equipment, to recycle nature's energy. Sustainable living experts travel out of there home country's and go around inside of there own country's to share and spread the life style of green living. Most experts go to college and study hard so they can take an understanding on where there going and what kinds of people to expect. Most are engineers taking trash into treasure for 3rd world countries. Here are some proper schooling requirements:

Good grades at GCSE
• A-levels in History, Latin, English and Art
• 1st class degree in Environmental History
• Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award
• TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification

Most sustainable living experts take this as a hobby and usual don't get paid for living green. Most save thousands on electricity, and on groceries. They also may get a little income for there speeches and can also for small groups to help others. Other than that there isn't any knowledge of a good estimate of income in a sustainable living expert.