Bill Monroe (EXAMPLE)

by Mrs. Ambler

The Early Years

Text here about the early part of this Hoosier's life. It should cover the time up until this Hoosier did whatever they became famous for. It might include information about growing up, family life, or early career interests.

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Famous for What?

This section is where the student might explain what exactly their famous Hoosier did to get famous. Did they invent something? Did they write music that became famous? What steps were involved in their fame? Examples should be given of work completed or events that led to fame.

Did You Know?

This is an optional section where a student might add interesting or little-known information about their famous Hoosier. It could also cover a very important event in this person's life. Depending on the person's story, they might have something that is really important to write about, but just doesn't fit in the two main required areas. This is where that goes.