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National Robotics Week 2017

In preparation for this weeks' National Robotics week, last week all grades participated in buiding "Albert" the robot. It started as a request from one student who wanted the students to build a robot as one of our Makerspace Challenges. When the time was right, detailed plans were drawn by a few students and the challenge began.

Building the Robot!

Students collaborated as they chose boxes, planned cuts, wrapped boxes, and considered how to assemble the robot.
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This Week Albert Became Robotic


Third graders drafted plans as they considered how to design Albert's hands and then connect one to the power in his head. The extreme challenge was figuring how to get the wires through his wrapped body so that the motion sensor would be available in just the right spot for the eventual opening. They did it! Second graders sketched ideas to show how Albert's body could be opened and closed so the light sensor would work to move the hand when papers were inserted into Albert's body. Then they put the sketch into action and it worked! They also came back at the very end and added the finishing touches to Albert. First graders considered which littleBits would be necessary to make the eyes light up and worked together to make it happen!

The Next Steps...

Students can now use Albert the Robot, to collect their reflections from the Schoolwide Challenges. The QR code on each reflection card can be scanned to show a picture of the challenge and when the reflection is put in the body, Albert will wave!
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