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August 30, 2019

Love that your trying it....

I love that you are all trying new things this year. You are empowered with knowledge about what is best for kids and families and you've taken the initiative to make changes to your practice. Thank you for being there for kids and families in really meaningful ways. Your work is so impactful, it is simply an honor to watch!

Good News to Share....

Our Licensed Clinical Social Workers have been assigned to your official "TEAM". These highly trai

Welcome Postcards

The office will be placing these in your mailbox, address label, ready for you to jot a quick note and pop into the mail envelope! This practice has already seen rave reviews from parents, thanks for taking the time to write a personal note. THANKS TO THE OFFICE FOR PRINTING LABELS!!

Did you know....

Financial well being is supported by EAP. See the link below and check out the services, calculators, discounts and articles linked below.


I will be placing articles that I hope stretch your thinking. Hopefully these articles/topics allow you to start a conversation with someone you feel comfortable with. These articles are mostly from the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) website, but may also come from other sources. We know that children sometimes find it hard to try something new, I hope you will take a deep breath and dig into these articles, growth is sometimes hard, but always worth it!

Mary Beth and Tiffany, officially part of your teams, see above!

What is a school social worker?

A school social worker is a vital asset to the school community: a link between students, parents, school staff and the school district.

The role of a school social worker involves wearing many hats, including truancy officer, case manager, student and parent advocate, student mediator, counselor and distributor of resources. Typically, they are the only social worker on site, and they serve a unique role within their schools.

Some of the services school social workers provide include:

  • Advocating for the child and mobilizing family, school and community resources to enable the child to learn as effectively as possible.
  • Participating in special education assessment meetings as well as individual educational planning meetings.
  • Working with problems in a child's living situation that affect the child’s adjustment in school.
  • Preparing a social or developmental history on a child with a disability.
  • Helping develop positive behavioral intervention strategies.
  • Helping with conflict resolution and anger management.
  • Helping alleviate family stress.
  • Helping parents access programs available to students with special needs and school and community resources.
  • Assessing students with mental health concerns.
  • Developing staff training programs.
  • Assisting teachers with behavior management.
  • Helping school districts get support from social and mental health agencies.
  • Identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect.

School social workers are also hired by school districts to support students who struggle with mental health, behavior or emotional problems. They help clear obstacles to social and academic success and give students the tools they need to excel in school.

“It's a matter of being more proactive than reactive,” said Dobon-Claveau, who is also the Sacramento-area regional coordinator for the California Association of School Social Workers. “We're trying to problem solve.”


I want to remind everyone that you have several tools to determine the safety of a home prior to visiting. I've linked them below. It is time well invested. If you have concern about entering a home, please come speak with me.

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