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The Sonoma Ranch Elementary School Principal's Newsletter

Year 7 Issue 201

2020 September 14-18
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Hello Stallion Families,

We began our Hybrid learning time last week with students returning to the building for instruction on Tuesday. It was an exciting day for students, teachers, and families. The super cool thing was we got to do it all over again on Thursday when students in the second half of the alphabet had their first day of in-person instruction. The first day of school is always an awesome day and this year we got to have TWO first days.

Our students did an excellent job wearing their masks and following our physical distancing guidelines. Everyone learned the "zombie" walk. The students learned to use hand sanitizer when coming in from recess. I am thoroughly impressed with our Stallions' ability to adjust to the changes for this school year.

This week we continue with our Hybrid learning schedule. Students will come to school on either Monday and Thursday or on Tuesday and Friday. On the days they do not come to school they will be working independently on work assigned to them by their teachers.

On Wednesday, all students will have work to do online or for their teachers in some other way. Their teachers will share with you when they will have Webex office hours for students to ask questions or get guidance on their work.

Teachers will be teaching students all day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. So they will not be able to help students who are at home working online. Students will work at home on work assigned to them. They will not be able to access their teachers as the teachers will be teaching students during the day.

Students will need to bring their Chromebook and charger with them to school on the days they attend. Students can arrive on campus starting at 7:45 AM. Please do not send them earlier, as there is no supervision. Beginning at 7:45, students will enter the building and head to their classrooms, or to the Ranch Cafe for breakfast. There will not be outside recess before school.

Students need to continue to wear a face covering. They can wear a mask or a face shield. Masks provide a greater level of safety, but face shields are allowed. I would ask that all students put a spare mask or two in their backpacks in case something happens to the one they wear to school.

Students will wear their face covering throughout the day, except while eating, or outside at recess or during PE. Adults will wear face coverings as well.

We will space our students out in the Ranch cafe, so there are fewer students at each of the tables. They will wear their masks to lunch, and then be able to put their mask in a labeled baggie we will provide for them. Once they are finished eating, students will put their masks on to exit the building. Once outside, the students can again put their masks in their baggies as they do not have to wear them while at play outside. Each class will have a location to put their masks while outside. Students will put their masks on again when returning to the building.

There are hand sanitizer stations at each of the entrances from the playgrounds for students to use when coming back inside. Students will also be encouraged to and provided time to wash their hands throughout the day.

It will be important for all students to come to school each day with a water bottle. The drinking fountains are not available for us. Our classrooms all have sinks, and there are PTSO water filling stations in the hallways for student use.

As long as the Governor’s metrics remain in the green, we will open for in-person for all students at the same time on September 21st. Beginning on the 21st, students will most likely not be bringing Chromebooks to and from school. They will however need to continue to wear their face coverings and follow physical distancing measures.

As a reminder to our families, we will be limiting visitors to campus. Family members will not be able to come to school and eat with their students. Likewise, they will not be allowed on the playground during recess times. Parent volunteers will be utilized to a much lesser extent in the classrooms as well.

The measures in place at Sonoma Ranch are consistent with those at each of the Gilbert elementary schools. Our efforts are to keep everyone, students, faculty, staff, and families as safe as possible.

Daily Student Health Assessment

Before attending each day on campus, you and your student must complete a student health assessment. Please view the assessment here. Students who are sick or feeling any COVID like symptoms can’t be on campus. For more information including health resources and information please visit

Acknowledgment Form

If you haven't yet done so, please complete the acknowledgment form electronically included at the link below confirming your understanding of the COVID - 19 pandemic. Please complete this form for each of your students returning to in-person instruction COVID~19 Acknowledgement and Disclosure Form


Transportation will be offered to eligible students. To view your student’s route and bus stop information please here: There will be enhanced procedures and protocols in place on our school buses. Each bus will have a visible sign reminding students that only students attending M-Th are to get on the bus on Mondays and Thursdays and those students assigned to Tu-F are eligible to get on the bus on Tuesdays and Fridays. In addition, there will be some special education students who will be transported on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and have already been informed by the Special Education Department. Transportation will not be available on Wednesdays during the Hybrid weeks.


If you are interested in registering for our before and after school VIK program please visit our website for more information and registration details.

This Week at the Ranch

    • The first half of the alphabet is back!

    • The second half of the alphabet is here!

    • College Day

    • Professional Development for staff.

    • Ms. Sanders’ B-Day!

    • The first half of the alphabet is back!

    • The second half of the alphabet is back!

    • Stallion Style Day

    • Ms. Rederick’s B-Day

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Thank you for reading the Round-Up. I understand that this school year is so much different than anything we have done in the past. If you have questions or need clarification, please reach out to me. Send me an email at and I will be in touch.

Thank you and Be Safe!

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Colin M. Kelly,


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Support for Online Instruction

We understand that this is all new, and it is going to take some time. We have compiled all of the links below to help you with each aspect of online learning. Please click the buttons below for explanations.

Each of the buttons below will remain in the Round-Up each week so you have easy access. They are also available on the parent resources page of our website.

If you have further issues, give us a call at school and we can help you through it!

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