By: Ashley Sanville

What Is Globalization?

Globalization is how large companies from around the world interact with each other through technology, economics, the environment, and culture.

Four Categories Of Globalization

  • Technological: The advances in technology allow us to interact and get products from different countries around the world.
  • Environmental: This allows food from around the world to be shipped to different places.
  • Economic: The economy of different countries are able to go up because of the growth of large industries.
  • Cultural: Different ways of life have been circulated around the world through various social media cites.

Maps Of Korea

Potential problems

Technological problems

Technology often crashes and gets glitches. In America this cause the people to become stressed and angry. We are so dependent on our technology that when it crashes we feel like we can not function and do things that we need to do.

Enviornmental problems

We burn up coal to produce products. Coal is a fossil fuel and once we burn all of it up then we can't get it back. Also as a result of burning all this coal we are releasing carbon dioxide into the air. This causes our air to become polluted and will eventually make it unsafe for people to breath. ( info from 12 reasons why globalization is a huge problem by Gail Tverberg)

Economic Problems

The large companies can move their businesses to places where the tax rates are not so high. But citizens who pay taxes are not able to move around as much. Because the companies are paying less taxes then the people have to. This causes people to become poor and bankrupt. ( info from 12 reasons why globalization is a huge problem by Gail Tverberg)

Cultural Problems

Americans are know for being the fattest country in the world and we have a lot of fast food chains in our nation. The fast food chains are then trying to get more money and moving into other countries. This is causing part of America's culture to be forced into other countries.


Enviornmental Solution

We could find a way to use and eco- friendly renewable resource to power production plants. This way we would not run out of our non- renewable resources as fast and we would not be polluting the air as much as we are.

Economic Solution

The government could make it so large companies are not able to move to places where the taxes are low. That would make it so large companies would have to pay the higher taxes and the citizens would not have to pay the high taxes and wouldn't go bankrupt.

My Maps

The maps shown above all show the basic information of Korea. It shows me what people use to get around ( transportation map), were the different countries start and stop ( political map), and were most people live in that country ( population map). They show us how people live their day to day lives.

How My Product Got To Me

My product is a Samsung Galaxy S3. It was made by Samsung and manufactured in Korea. It was made in a factory and then was shipped to the United States. Once it was in the United states it was then shipped to the U.S. postal service post office in Derry New Hampshire. It was the shipped by the U.S. postal service to my mailbox.

How Globalization Affects Me

I use technology pretty much everyday, and I am constantly breathing the air which is part of the environment, I use money to buy things like food and supplies for school, I also am always expressing my culture by doing things that most Americans would do.
Globalization gives us technology that I use pretty much every day . I use it to go on social networking sites and talk to people. But this technology causes a lot of distractions for me. When I should be doing homework I go on the computer and procrastinate. This also causes different cultures to all be in one place. So people are introduced to more than one way of living and can't decide which culture they would rather be a part of.
Globalization affects my life when my parents have to pay very high taxes. This causes them to loose a lot of money and on the weekends we can't afford to go out and do fun things. It also means that we have to go on a budget when we go to the grocery store. This is because the large companies are paying less taxes so we have to pay more.