Faculty Newsletter

March 2013

Updated 1099's

Our payroll and accounting service, Aris Services, has issued corrected 1099's for those teachers which received incorrect 1099's when first issued at the beginning of February. Please be sure to check your teacher folder for this updated information. This is the information you will need to use when filing for 2012.

If you filed your taxes prior to receiving this corrected 1099, please contact Katie or Kurt to discuss further.

Harvest for Hunger

Harvest for Hunger is a food and funds drive to benefit the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. You can help this effort by donating food or funds, and also encouraging your students to do the same! Each donor will be given a small sheet to sign and hang in the office. If you would like to wear a button to support this, please ask the office to give one to you.

The school which collects the most food and funds will win a week long party in the lobby of their school! This will include music, snacks and prizes.

To support this campaign, our April Rock Showcase will serve as a fundraiser for Harvest for Hunger. Bands have been contacted. If you work with a student in a band, please encourage them to speak with the office about the April 20th Rock Showcase!

Have questions? Contact Katie.

The School Curriculum is here!

Kurt will be emailing out the final draft of the general school curriculum this month. We plan to implement this strategy over the summer to give time for evaluation in a more flexible time of year for our families.

The largest shift in our operation will come in terms of culture. The practices suggested by each of you and included in this curriculum are being done by each of you in your studios currently, this is simply an evaluation tool for the school to plan to meet the needs of our students better through group programming and performance opportunities. We will slowly introduce the jury system which will allow more serious students to receive feedback from professional musicians from a variety of backgrounds instead of simply from their private teacher.

When parents ask for a measurement of the success of their student, we will have a way in which to provide that which will be uniform across all studios. This is even more important for families with multiple students studying with multiple teachers in our school.

Thank you all for your willingness to contribute to this process and to support our moving forward with this idea. We know that this curriculum will only increase the value of the work we do and better prepare our students for future endeavors.

School Organizational Updates

By the end of 2013, we are hoping to implement an internal organizational structure which will allow for greater innovation to benefit our teachers and students alike. This will be done through departments, which will generally be organized by instrument type. We understand with having so many busy, successful musicians involved at our school that it is hard to find a time for everyone to meet. To this end, the designated teacher will be responsible for collecting ideas from their fellow teachers and attending a quarterly meeting to share these ideas and brain storm about best practices and improvements that can be made at both locations.

If you are interested in serving in this capacity and feel you can make the time commitment, please reach out to Kurt. We would love to have teachers that want to be a part of this process join us! As always, we welcome your ideas at any time and hope you will join us in this free exchange of ideas.

Teacher Bonding!

After a successful Christmas party, we are looking to plan our next FSM/HSM get together. With the 2 year anniversary of FSM coming up in April, it is the perfect month for us to have a party!

I am looking at April 14th or 21st in the late afternoon/early evening. I have received suggestions such as dinner/drinks, bowling and an open mic night. If you have a conflict for one of these dates or have an idea for our party, please contact Katie so we can plan a fun night! It is our hope to encourage collaboration and friendship among our staff and do hope you will be able to join us!

Summer Programs

FSM will be hosting a Rock Camp at the Shaw JCC in July, with the possibility of another camp in August if enrollment exceeds the allotted amount of students for the July camp. Kurt will be reaching out to teachers to gauge availability and interest in assisting with this opportunity.

We had asked in the January and February newsletter for teachers interested in hosting a camp to submit a proposal to the office so that we could begin promoting our camps in our March Student Newsletter. Congratulations to Allison Lint for submitting her proposal on time. She wins $100!

If you are still interested in hosting a camp, please email the office with your plan and possible dates for scheduling. The final deadline to plan a camp will be April 15th (Tax Day!)


We are thankful to have garnered a great deal of interest from local students to intern with FSM and HSM. We currently have Kaylee Janes working with us and focusing on our community outreach efforts. If she reaches out to you, please respond to her as timely as you are able. As our schools continue to grow, leveraging existing relationships will only add to our collective value.

In May, we will have two interns from Aurora High School working with us at HSM. They will assist with event planning and a variety of other tasks. They may also shadow some lessons and group classes. If you are asked to allow a student to shadow you, please be open to the experience! Lexi and Teagan are interested in majoring in music when they go to college in the fall and are thrilled to have the opportunity to interact with all of you!

Like us!

If you have a Facebook and haven't done so, please like us on Facebook! We share great updates about both schools and, quite often, information about your gigs and successes. Feel free to list us as one of your employers.

For those of you on LinkedIn, Katie is working on getting both schools added as businesses that you may be able to connect with through LinkedIn as well.

If you did not schedule a time to meet with Kurt in the fall and complete the Teacher Agreement, please speak with the office and schedule a meeting by the end of March.