Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis was a actor, singer, and dancer. He has been dancing since he was 3. His family was a big part in why he started acting. His parents were both actors. They helped Sammy Davis Jr. Become who he is.


Sammy Davis Jr. married a white women in 1960 for 8 years even though interracial segregation was banned in 31 states. Together they had 1 girl and adopted 2 boys. He later then got divorced and married again only this time to a black women.


Sammy was a huge star on Broadway and was a headliner in Vegas and New York. He also changed the way people did business because he did not preform at places with racial segregation. Sammy Davis Jr. was not only popular for his singing, acting and dancing he was also popular for fighting for black rights.


Sammy preformed for soldiers during World War 2. Which is pretty amazing if you think about it. Sammy in 1954 got into a car wreak damaging and becoming blind in his left eye. But that didn't stop Sammy from doing anything, he still preformed like he usually would. Sammy was one of the greatest tap dancers around in his time. In 1970 Sammy Davis Jr. became less popular. Sammy made movies, he even made movies with the rat pack.
Sadly Sammy Davis Jr. passed away at 64 of cancer on May 16, 1990, California. Sammy did many things in his life time that I bet many people will never forget
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