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Need a weather update?

It looks like a huge storm is coming in. There will be lost of rain. Good for the farmers!... HA, HA, HA. Make sure you are under cover. There will be a small chance of lightning, with a little bit of wind. Make sure you are not traveling anywhere out of Egypt.

What Are Your Kids Doing This Summer?

Have your kids just been hanging around these past summers? Well that's it! We have great daycare activities for your kids to enjoy for weeks! We have great games like:

Chess, mancala, senet, and circle dance. We even have more to keep them hip and young! You only have to pay 3 Shekels of silver a week. Just come down to "Egypt's Fast Summer!"


Need a good laugh? Read some of these hilarious comics below!
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Our Pharaoh, Hatshepsut

Everyone is still on the edge about Hatshepsut becoming pharaoh. She is a women! Now, becoming even stranger, she puts a beard on and somehow expects everyone to believe she is a man! No one is ok with a girl pharaoh. We got a personal talk with Hatshepsut. Let's see Hatshepsut's opinion:

"I will put a beard on. Besides, my daddy told me as a small child, I would grow up to become pharaoh, and I don't care what anyone has to say! Leave me alone and get out of my way!"

Egyptian Accessories!

Has your wrist been looking DULL? We have all the kicky jewelry in ALL OF EGYPT. We have sparkly, shiny, stylish jewlery. For men, women, and children.

We have a special summer deal going. If you come down this week you can get all jewlery for only 1 shekel of silver per piece! So join us at Egyptian Magic Accessories.

Inside the Tomb & Aftelife

Have you ever been inside a tomb? Well, it's an unbelievable sight. You have your own afterlife and as many things buried with you for it. Your spirit gets lifted and you become one with other egyptians. Everyone gets burried with special items. Some people even get buried with their pets!! We even got a very special interview with a priest working on a tomb for Thutmose II. Hatshepsut's brother :(

" We like to make sure that everyone has a very special afterlife. We must make sure everyone is mummified. We must take out all of their organs in order to mummify the body. Everyone will be buried with prised possessions. I can not say any more. You may figure the rest out in your afterlife." - Priest Kek.

Save the Date: Egyptian Carnival

Friday, Jan. 30th, 10:30am

On Parkarika Street

We will be having a carnival on January 30! We will be having games for all the children and grown ups. There will be delicious food and every one will be having a blast. Don't forget to come!

Criminal Update!!

Last week a priests home had been robbed. The criminal took over 500 shekels of gold, expensive jewelry, pottery. The police can not catch them but they are trying as hard as they can. The priest is now completely broke. Keep an eye out, make sure your doors are locked.

Look At All These New Paintings!!!!