Panther Technology Tracks

Week of April 15th

Technology Tool Tuesday - Flipsnack

Flipsnack is an online Web 2.0 tool that can be used to share student work in a beautifully created flip book. Once work has been created, students must save the work as a pdf. Documents can then be loaded into flipsnack by either dragging and dropping files or browsing for them on the computer.

Read more about this tool and how it can be used in the classroom here.

Going Google - Volume 13

To find more info about:

  • Drag and drop labels in Gmail
  • How to add additional fonts in Google Docs
  • How to Create a Table of Contents in Google Docs

Click on the link Below to see the latest Going Google Tips:

Goodbye TeacherWeb!

In June, Teacherweb will be going away. In it's place the district is introducing SharpSchool as the web provider for the district, including campuses and teachers. Training for SharpSchool will be provided on campus in May as well as district wide in June and July.

To make the transition easier, here are a few things you can do now:

  1. Go thru your current website and copy all of the links to a document that you will have access to when you re-build your web presence. (The best option for this is a Google Doc: simply copy and paste the links you currently have into the document for safe-keeping)
  2. Go thru your current website and make sure you have all of the attached documents saved. Most people have back ups of all of the documents, pictures, PowerPoints, videos, etc. that are part of the website, but some people use their website as a storage spot for everything that they need. Make sure you have a back up somewhere.
  3. Take screenshots of your current page layout. Getting pictures of your current website configuration may help you visualize the categories and set up that you like. There are several ways that you can do this including pushing the Windows Button and Print Screen and the pasting the image onto a document.

For a sneak peak of the teacher templates available - see the link below.

Badges Given Out This Past Week:

Congratulations to the following folks for earning new technology Badges:

  • Nicole Nunnally - I've Gone Google and PowerUP
  • Tonne Williamson - I've Gone Google, T3 - Level 1 - for trying out CiteLighter and T3 - Level 1 for trying out Animoto

NEW!!! The Going Google Badge and the T3 badges can now be earned more than once! If you try out different tips and tools from these resources you can earn the badge additional times!

For more information on badges check out the Technology Badges page on the RMS Tech website.