The Battle of America vs. Russia

Power and Dominance

The Space Race was a way to show power and dominance in the world during this time period. If your country was able to launch satellites and conduct space research than that showed power. Both the U.S and Russia wanted to prove that they were the most powerful.

What was done during the Space Race?

The Space Race started with the USSR launch of the satellite Sputnik. The U.S, in fear of being victim to a space assault, launched their own satellite to counter Russia's action. The U.S formed NASA to conduct space research. Russia continued to launch satellites and began sending people into space to orbit the moon and take pictures. The U.S, in 1969, sent three men to the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to walk on the moon. The Space Race consisted of Russia and America trying to one-up the other. This was a race for power more than just research and information.

Arms Race


The Arms Race was a race for weapons, mostly nuclear, between mainly the U.S and Russia. The race started with the Manhattan Project in the race to create the first atomic bomb. After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the war in the Pacific, the fight for power escalated quickly. As Russia would test a nuclear bomb, the U.S would have to test two more and vise versa.


Since there was race to gain the most weapons, technology progressed faster than usual. With access to such advanced technology all major countries posed a threat to each other. Each country wants to prove that they are the strongest and if someone messes with them than they will face the consequences. If strategically placed, atomic bombs could wipe out the earth.

Space Race vs. Arms Race

The Space Race is much like the Arms Race in the idea that it was a race to show superiority and dominance. Russia and the U.S have always been trying to show that they are the worlds powerhouse and prove that their type of government is the most developed and effective. Although these two have access to technology and information that could allow them to start and possibly win a war, neither wants to have to get involved in a hot war and risk lives and money. Both countries are theoretically afraid of the other and doesn't want to be the one to act first and risk an attack on their own homeland. So, although with both of these races they have the ability to turn it into a hot war neither country wants it to go that far.
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