U.S. Constitution

Legislative brance

What branch article 1 deals with

Legislative branch

Qualifications of Congressmen and Job explications (2 roles) [sent. and rep.]

Must be at least twenty five years old and citizen of the United States of American for at least seven years, and resident of the state.

Repersentatives and direct taxes will be directed among the several states. They must perform their jobs efficiently and well. The speaker is responsible for choosing the heads of various house committees.

For senate- The rules are more restrictive, must be at least 30 years old, and have been a citizen for nine years. The people who formed the constitution created this more strictly for the fact that the checking process is more strict on the powers of the House Of Repersenatives.

Meeting times of congress

January third.

Powers granted to them


lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises


borrowing money for the U.S.


regulate trade with foreign countries

Naturalization; bankruptcy

foreigners become citizens, person or business can't pay its debts

Coins; weights; measures

to coin money, it must have a value


making an imitation of U.S. money

Post Offices

Gov. has power to set up and control delivery of mail

copy rights patents

protects authors and inventors; makes them owners of their work for a limited amount of time

federal courts

CHECK AND BALANCE, gov. can set up lower federal court under supreme court


gov. can punish robbing of ships at sea

declaration of war

only congress can declare war, granted at request of President

army, navy, rules for the military

U.S. gov places these things under control of Congress, congress decides on size, money used and writes rules to govern forces


body of citizen soldiers, suppresses insurrections and foreign invasions

rules for the Militia

Congress has power to create laws and rules, appoints officers etc.

National capital

congress controls district around nation's capital

necessary laws

Congresss can make laws as needed, "elastic clause", or "necessary and proper clause"

writ of habeas corpus

court order, requires gov. officials to bring a prisoner to court and explain why they are being held, prevents unlawful imprisonment

bill of attainder

all of the laws

ex post facto

can't make a low and blame you if you did it years ago, enacted after the fact

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Rules of congress

Each house stets its own rules, it can discipline its members for uncalled for or bad actions or behavior, and can expel a member by voting. The vote can be by two thirds.

How does a bill become a law

A bill will become a law only by passing both houses of congress and mist be signed by the president of the united states of america. If the president vetoes the bill it will return back to the house where it was created. Along with why the president vetoed the bill. If tow thirds approves, the bill will become a law.