The Fault In Our Stars

Heather Lobas

Which was better? Why?

John Green wrote an amazing book that tops the movie any day. Although the director tried his best to incorporate the major ideas of the book, he ended up taking out a majority of the little things that help define the characters. As doing so changing conversations and speeding up Augustus's death into a few minutes, while in the book it happened for months. Books essentially fulfill the reader with a long enduring and reach out to them with little details that keep you hooked while movies end up missing and making the book ten times better.

How did the book depict the theme?

The theme with in the book is love triumphs through hardships. Augustus and Hazel have an epic love story. They bring out the best in each other. Augusts shows Hazel that there is more to life than staying at home at letting the cancer consume you. Hazel brings the light back into Augustus's life. When Augustus had to stop playing basketball he felt that there was something missing, and that’s when he met Hazel. It doesn't take long for these to friends to fall in love. Together they are unbeatable, and won't let anything bring them down. In the story Hazel and Augustus go through some hard times, in the story Hazel passed out from overexertion and was admitted into the hospital. Augustus had to battle with his Osteoscarcoma returning. In each of these situations the two lovers were sitting by each others side every step of the way.

How did the movie adapt the theme of the book?

The movie brought in very appealing actors for the film to play Augustus and Hazel. Both Actor and Actress lived their character as if in real life they were battling cancer bringing out the theme of love defeating all odds. In the film it represents the scene where Augustus and Hazel first hangout at his house and how awkward their first date is bringing out the personality in them both that grew each others love for one another.

How did the movie adapt the relationship between the characters?

Augustus' former girlfriend Caroline Mather's, who dies of brain cancer a few years earlier, weighs heavily On hazels mind in the book. In the movie, theirs no mention of Caroline or the effect of her death on Augustus. Also the movie lessens the relationship of Issac, his girlfriend and Augustus and hazel, making their long conversations in the book short in sweet in the film. This makes the actors in the film not even seem like the characters personality in the book.

Portagonist in the book v.s the movie?

In the book, Augustus Waters is a very respectful sorta pushy but very clever young man who is out to cheer up hazel who sees cancer as a way to hide and deal in sadness. In the movie, Augustus is still out to reach out for hazel but comes off more cocky in the beginning. The book Depicts Augustus in a way that makes all women want him while reading. In the movie he is given the looks and charm to win over all the ladies hearts watching. But while reading the book, you got to know him and all his insecurities and how he feels deeply on everything, especially the happiness of Hazel.