CCHS - Friday Focus

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In talking about effective and engaging strategies we know that feedback with the opportunity to revise based on the feedback is a highly effective strategy. The video below shows a high school ELA classroom working on PEER review. However, if you watch the video in it's entirety you will see a process that could work in any content classroom.

High Yield Instructional Practices:

In discussing your "week on a page" there are times that we get stuck in what is a high-yield instructional practice. All staff should have the book, "Classroom Instruction that Works" by Marzano, Pickering and Pollock. If you do not, please see Mrs. Washburn. While this book is certainly no where near a complete list, it does give 9 research-based strategies for increasing student achievement. I still have copies of the packets we used as we went through the book a few years ago. If you would like me to send those to you (an overview sheet with samples) please let me know.

Research-Based Strategies (1) Identifying Similarities & Differences (2) Summarizing and Note Taking (3) Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition (4) Practice (5) Nonlinguistic Representations (6) Cooperative Learning (7) Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback (8) Generating and Testing Hypotheses (9) Cues, Questions and Advance Organizers

Another great resource for high-yield, research-based practices is to look at Hattie's, "Visible Learning for Teachers." (I have a copy if you'd like to borrow:). The practices of formative assessment, feedback, teacher clarity, student self-assessment/reflection, verbalization and questioning, intervention/remediation/extra-practice are all high effect practices.

The key is the intentionality with which we choose and implement the strategies!

Week of September 28th - HOMECOMING WEEK

Saturday the 26th - Early Burley 5K! Come out to the high school and walk/run to support your Panthers; Tobacco Festival Parade @ Noon

Sunday the 27th - Powder Puff practices - 3-5pm (sophomores), 4-6pm (juniors), 5-7pm (freshmen)

('MERICA) Monday the 28th - Freshmen PP practice @ 4pm;

(TROPICAL) Tuesday the 29th - Freshmen PP practice @ 6pm; NCKC CC meet @ General Butler;

(CLASS COLORS) Wednesday the 30th - Powder Puff Games with all teams reporting by 6:45 pm for coin toss;

(TWIN) Thursday the 1st - Volleyball @ Home vs. Owen Co. 5:30/6:30/7:30; Boy's Soccer @ Home; Door Decorating during GAP; Panther Parade

(ULTIMATE BLACK & GOLD) Friday the 2nd - Door Decorating during GAP; Pep Rally 2pm (if on the list cannot attend); Varsity Football Homecoming vs. Gallatin Co. (homecoming festivities @ 7:05pm)