By Vanessa Padilla


Being a nurse brings a lot of job duties. One would need to be able to preform the requirements of medical treatment. Also work with sick or non-sick patients giving them treatment. One would want to specialize in areas such as Neonatal Intensive Care, Cardiac care. Nurses observe and record patients behavior and health. Overall a nurse is caring for individuals, families, and communities to maintain and recover ones health. If you are joining this career be ready!

In Depth

In order to become a registered nurse (RN) one will need at least a Associates or Bachelor's Degree. Most states have colleges or schools one may go to obtain their degrees. Depending where you live you could choose where you would like to go. Working hours may vary from shift to shift but on a average a nurse could work up to 60 or more. One will always be helping people. The starting salary would most likely start at $45,880 and once one stabilizes in the career the average salary would be $66,640 the highest being $98,880. One could further their education and become an Advanced Practice Nurse (APRNS) and get paid more. This career is predominately ruled over by women. An average 6.6% over 3 million RN are men and 92.1% are women.