Yoghurt as a bedtime snack for INSOMNIA

Say Yes to Yoghurt and Sleep Well Tonight

Did you know that most of our immune system is located in our gut? Yes, it’s true!

High-quality plain yoghurt with live cultures is a SUPERSTAR in the insomnia healing diet. It boosts healthy bacteria, fighting off the intruders and healing the intestinal barrier crucial to immune functioning. Eat yogurt every day for good health.

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Choosing the right yoghurt

Hansells Classic Natural Yoghurt Mix

Not all yoghurts provide the same sleep benefits, so being choosy is important when eating yoghurt as a bedtime snack; avoid versions that are high in sugar before bedtime.

Hansells Classic Natural is unsweetened, gluten free and contains probiotics (A + B).

This range is suitable for the elderly, babies and diabetics.

Remember: The precious gem in yoghurt is its LIVE CULTURES! Eat fresh homemade yoghurt for maximum benefits.