Stop Emerald Ash Borers

Don't Move Firewood

What's the big idea?

Emerald Ash Borers are small insects that are able to cause great damage to the ash trees of Wisconsin. Once the borer is established, it it able to kill ash trees within a couple of years, no matter how healthy the tree was before the infestation. The ash borers may kill 700 million ash trees in Wisconsin alone.

How did they get here?

Emerald ash borers were brought to the United States from China. They were introduced accidentally. They were brought over in an untreated wood crate that was shipped to Detroit. Since they arrived here in around 2000, they have spread to all of the states around Wisconsin and have also been found in Canada. The ash borer only covers about 1/2 mile per year if it has to fly, but it can move hundreds of miles in a day if infested fire wood is moved to a new place.