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Summer 2018

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EduTech Instructional Technology Department offers technology training for teachers, administrators, clerical staff and any others who need to be skilled in the use of computers and peripherals. Instructional Technology Specialists can also offer a variety of services to help teachers integrate technology into the curriculum.

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Your registration will NOT be complete until you gain your district level approval using the official enrollment form. Please print out the enrollment form and obtain your administrator's signature and FAX the form to 1-315-332-2117 or e-mail to If you need to cancel your registration, please notify Jacqui O'Hora at 1-315-332-7329 or cancel within My Learning Plan.

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AccelerateU is a service of Edutech that offers online courses for NYS secondary students. Our online courses are fully web-based and available to students at any time. They are led by certified teachers. AccelerateU meets NYSED Part 100.5 (Diploma Requirements) requirements for online courses. We serve students of all abilities in many situations - kids who are recovering credit, accelerating, traveling, homebound, medically fragile, with special situations, and with IEP's and 504 plans.

These information sessions will illustrate AccelerateU's program and its uses, highlight best practices in supporting online learners, and answer questions. In addition to these information sessions, we are happy to visit your district.

2018-2019 Training Services

Mobile Video Conferencing Device Rental

“Sheldon” and “Penny” (Double Robotics) are virtual presence devices that utilize wireless networks. Schools will now have the option for students who cannot physically attend school to continue with their studies. The unit will allow students to keep up with coursework and in touch with friends and teachers at school.

“Sheldon” or “Penny” will allow:

  • Medically ill or fragile students to hear and see the teacher and classmates, answer questions, join discussions, watch videos and demonstrations.
  • Medically ill or fragile students to participate fully in class and other school activities.
  • Teachers to observe other teachers teaching
  • Accelerated students to attend higher level classes in other buildings (elementary vs. high school).
  • Students who are on crutches or wheelchair bound a break in following their schedule.

Through a free app that includes touch screen controls on the iPad, iPhone or laptop, the student will be able to remotely raise and lower the screen to simulate sitting and standing and be able to roll the unit down the hallway at school to get to classes. The Double Robotics Robot is a “remote controlled car with a camera attached to it.” No extensive setup is needed. A docking station is provided so that the student can charge the unit at the end of the day. There is little in-district technical support needed. Please be aware that the performance of device is dependent upon the quality of your wireless network.

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Catalog of Workshops

The EduTech training catalog is a publication that is released three times a year with scheduled workshops both during the school day and after school. Offerings include workshops that range from developing basic computer skills to advanced training that promotes integration of technology into the classroom-learning

On-Site Training

EduTech Staff can travel to your district to do on-site training to meet your staff’s specific needs and skill sets. Training is conducted in the participating district’s computer lab. Workshops can be conducted in a number of sessions dependent upon the topic.

Want a workshop in a specific area? We can coordinate your technology needs so you can still receive state aid on fees and substitute costs.

Customized Training

EduTech Staff can customize and modify training to meet your staff’s needs. Whether it’s one-on-one training or a whole department. We can adjust so that everyone has a positive learning experience.

Conference Day Training

Need a presenter for conference day? EduTech staff can come to your school district and train from a half day to a full day workshop.


Need help planning your next Superintendent’s Conference day? EduTech staff can help you plan, organize and connect you with presenters to meet your conference themes.

Project - Based Training

Provides concentrated support for project-based technology activities. Specialists can work with your teachers and students on a project of a specific duration and provide modeling that are used in the district.


Want to introduce your faculty to a particular technology? Let the EduTech Training Team present at your next faculty meeting to raise awareness.

Shared Coordinator of Technology Integration Service

The Shared Coordinator of Technology Integration will work with multiple districts in the EduTech region acting as a point of contact for instructional technology integration in the school district.

Typical responsibilities of the position include:

  • Serves as resource for technology planning through technology committees for the district.
  • Works with teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum
  • Provides professional development, workshops for faculty and staff on the usage of existing as well as new and emerging instructional technology.
  • Conducts research on current and developing technology capabilities in regards to their ability to enhance instruction within the district – software and hardware.
  • Participates on the rollout, implementation of new technology in the district.
  • Provides input to district administration for the creation, justification and management of the technology budget and/or projects.
  • Other duties as assigned by component district superintendent or their designee.
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