Balance of power

Sophia An

Size of country

Russia, the biggest country on the earth. The Russia's size is 17,098,242km^2. The population is less than china but the natural resources are very abundant. That's why the Russia is powerful

Population of the country

China has the country which has the highest population on the earth. They have lots of people-about 13.5billions-in their country. So they make lots of goods and sell it out of country. They are also growing the technique of producting. That's the resource of power.

Education of country

Education is really important for the people. The efficiency of work will raise and every single ways to do something will grow. But the bad education will not find the creative ways or make person violent, dumb, become passitive.

Army of country

USA has the strongest army and weapons on the earth,. If there's war on somewhere, the US army become as troubleshooter. If the power was weak, nobody would listen or agree the opinion of US. That's the power of USA

Physical features of country

The natural resources and the topography also can be the power of country. The topography can be the place for the sightseeing toor. Also, the natural resources like gold or silvers are worthy and it can impact the economy of country as a good way.

Economy of country

Economy is really important for the independence of the country. If the economy depends on the other country, the country will breakdown and the country will lost the independence. That's why the economy is very important.