By: Gavin Steele

Career Overview

To raise animals such as pigs, cows, sheep, or chickens to sell and make a profit on. Grow crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, alfalfa, and potatoes to either make a profit on or feed to your livestock. Being a farmer you also have to repair and tend your equipment you own.

Career Goal

To become a farmer, raise livestock such as pigs and grow crops as in soybeans, corn and maybe a little alfalfa.

Career Skills

Manage your own money and your own business, and have to be self motivated. Its also good to be patient being a farmer because you have to wait for your animals and crops to grow. Being a farmer its good to take chances because you might have to take a pick of one or another crop to plant.

Career Working Conditions

Work outside and you work in hot summer conditions and cold winter conditions. You are exposed to get cuts, burns, bites, or stings. You do a lot of walking and standing or just being on your feet. Work with other people or other groups.

Career Wages and Outlooks

Flexible wages making around $39.04 to $50.92 an hour and you need farming for food, so there are plenty opportunities for farming. There is a high demand for farmers now and in the future to come they will need 7,500 new farmers by 2022.

Career Related Opportunities

Soil science, Animal science, Forestry, Food technology, Feed manufacturing and sales, Nursery manager, Dairy farmer, and Beef farmer

Program Of Study

Need to learn how to operate agricultural machines, and business, and should take agriculture classes to understand agriculture crops and fertilizer a little bit better. You should graduate high school and get a high school diploma. Should have some related work experience. College majors that you could major in to become a farmer are Agriculture Business and Management, Agriculture Production Operations, Animal Sciences, and Plant Sciences.


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