Coddle Creek MTSS Tier I

Be Respectful * Be Responsible * Be Safe

Staff Checklist

  • Classes can receive paw prints for displaying school-wide essential agreements.
  • Teachers can give out 1 paw print per day to their own class.
  • Any staff member can give a paw print to a class. There are extra paws on Ms. Caldwell’s desk. Write your name on the back. Return paw prints your class receives to Ms. Caldwell so she can track them.
  • Expectation is that each staff member will give out at least 5 paws per week. Drawings for staff members giving out at least 20 paws monthly. Ms. Caldwell will send out the spreadsheet on the last Friday of each month.
  • Individual students can earn blue tickets for following school-wide essential agreements.
  • When you award a ticket to a student, the student should know exactly why he/she is getting recognition. Tie it back to the three school-wide essential agreements: Respectful-Responsible-Safe