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James and the giant peach

This is a book about a boy named James is then adopted to his bad aunt sponge and spikier after his parents go to London and get eaten by a rhino.While James is living with his aunts an old man comes and gives James a magic bag.Little does James know whats going to happen when he drops the bag of magic.He will go on a amazing adventure.With giant bugs.

Magic finger

This book is about a little girl (don't ask her name is not in the book)who has a magic finger and when she get really mad she uses it and oh dear magic things happen.One day her friends get back from a hunting trip an oh she hates hunting.So she puts the magic finger n them and turns them into ducks.Now the Greegs must survive before they get a nasty surprise in there nest.With the ducks replaced as them.The Eggs confines them that he will never hunt again and the turned into humans and live a normal life

Roald Dahl 3 books I did


This is a book about a boy a boy named little billy.His mother had always had obeyed his mother about the rules. He was always told never to go beyond the garden gate explore the world.But one he did to do the most daring thing.To go into the forest of sin.How,well the Devil spoke to him and said.That the tales of the forest where just myth.So one day he goes in only to find that the tales his mother told him where not just myth,THEY ARE REAL.And when he journeys into the forest and finds something unbelievable the minpins and also kills the Spittler by flying a swan and luring to the water where it then drowns.Than returnes home to say that he was just climbing a tree.(What a getaway)

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Roald Dahl

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the chaters are kids

there is fantasy